Yogafestival Workshop: „Mission Beautiful Mind“
Raum: Greiffenclausaal
Lehrer: D.V. Patrick

Beschreibung des Workshops:
A lecture about the fundamental transformation of your relationship with thoughts and emotions.
Emotions drive your body and your mind. When you can change them, you can change everything you feel, do, think and become.
Your mind is the most powerful, and yet, the most unknown instrument. You only use a fraction of your mind-potential. Are you aware that you have a transformational power to fundamentally alter every thought and emotion into a higher possibility?
Why do we need this transformational power so much?
Because we became the slaves of our thoughts. We started to live in our head, we forgot how to feel our life. That’s why chronic stress has reached epidemic proportions and the biggest health threats facing the world are depression and burn-out.
When you know how to use your mind, you can change every thought and emotion. Yes, there is a way to liberate and expand the true purpose, authentic meaning, unlimited creativity and astonishing beauty of the human mind.

Infos zum Lehrer:
D.V. Patrick has been dedicating his life to the study of positive psychology, the affective sciences, consciousness and the head-heart connection; as a psychologist, writer and as a yogi.
He has been participating for thousands of hours in Europe and India training Yoga teachers with Yogalife. In his Yoga Psychology Program, he fuses timeless and cutting-edge psychology into a new affective psychology of how to use our mind.
He wrote two books: about how to create and maintain a healthy mind, and about our psychological power.
His dream is Mission Beautiful Mind: to offer a valuable and most needed solution for the deep crises of our modern mind.